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Are you all about the client experience? Do you have an almost obsessive approach to organization and planning? Do you feel fulfilled when you’re able to help other people accomplish their goals?

If so, you may be the perfect fit for our Client Coordinator role.

Our team of Client Coordinators is responsible for ensuring our clients reach their desired outcomes through Crisp’s video marketing and production campaigns.

You’ll act as a liaison between our cinematographers and our clients to ensure we deliver an incredible final product. Our Client Coordinators are champions for client success and they do everything they can to deliver a world-class client experience.


You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow instructions

Do not apply through the contact information on the website

To Apply:
Please call 404-905-3123 for step-by-step instructions

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Serving as a liaison between the client and the cinematographers and editors. You are the Olivia Pope of video marketing

  • Creating production booklets and storyboards for clients (that will ultimately shape the best damn video they’ve ever seen)

  • Balance a planner (mine has cute stickers, no big deal) and prioritize competing tasks

  • Coordinating all ongoing video campaigns to ensure each client is delivered a world-class product

  • Having a working knowledge of all clients’ current priorities, open projects, and opportunities for renewal (this is where your expert organizational abilities come in!)

  • Coordinate and execute all ongoing client campaigns in accordance with program offering/scope as well as optimizing and problem-solving when necessary to make campaigns successful.

  • Develop insights into clients’ target audience and their social media usage to inform the overall content and social strategies.

  • Implements, monitors, and measures social media campaigns to support broader brand awareness initiatives.

  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations on the daily (you’re the kind of person who’s proud of your 5-star Uber rating)

  • Regularly reviewing processes, edits, projects and client feedback to provide unparalleled customer service

  • Working well under pressure (like the song) – you can rock it out with short deadlines



A few benefits you’re sure to enjoy:

  • Health Insurance
  • Generous PTO Package
  • 401(k) with company match (aka, free money)
  • A relaxation room with a zero-gravity chair
  • This year, a Crisp team member is going to walk away with a Tesla Model 3 – yes, really!
  • If you are the right fit, but not in Atlanta already, don’t worry! We will pay to get you here! (relocation expenses covered!

About Crisp Video Group

Crisp Video Group is an incredibly fast moving, high growth company (1470%+ growth in 3 years) that is all about delivering the absolute best digital marketing and video production services on the market today. We’re all about working hard and staying humble. In the spirit of humble bragging, here are some of our awards and accolades:

  • Top 10% of the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies
  • Atlanta’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies
  • Atlanta’s Best Places to Work
  • Host of the industry-leading growth conference (
  • Author of the industry’s best-selling marketing book (
  • Pioneer of the industry’s most ambitious referral program (
  • Featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Yahoo, and The Huffington Post

Why You Should Work Here

  • You will become part of an incredibly crafted and unified company culture with an attentive CEO and teammates who are truly dedicated to success
  • You will work with people from all departments who are happy to help and teach as you work towards growth
  • You will experience working for a company that is truly leading the industry and constantly innovating. Complacency is not part of our vocabulary
  • You will be in an environment that is always ready to tackle a new initiative and put creative ideas into action
  • You will grow personally and professionally. Every measure is taken to ensure our team members thrive. Our Continuing Crisp Education program encourages and rewards classes, certifications, book clubs, and trainings

If you’re looking for a job that’s boring and easy, you won’t find that here. We put 110% into everything we do. Greatness is achieved through hard work, discipline, and sacrifice, and we’re determined to be great. Late nights and weekends happen – that’s what coffee is for (or caffeinated Crystal Light).

We’re not crazy; we just believe in what we do.

If you’d like to be part of a nationally recognized, collaborative and downright badass team, then we can’t wait to hear from you.


You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow instructions

Do not apply through the contact information on the website

To Apply:
Please call 404-905-3123 for step-by-step instructions

Our requirements are pretty straightforward. To qualify you must:

  • Have a minimum of 1-2 years of proven success in previous client-facing roles
  • Embody empathy, resourcefulness, and drive
  • Have an extreme attention to detail (you were the kind of person to correct your teacher in school – we get it, and we support it)
  • Exhibit almost obsessive organizational abilities (you color code your priorities, but you also probably color code those color codes)
  • Have a team-centric attitude (We’re one big happy family, crazy cousins included!)
  • Have a fast-paced work ethic that allows you to meet tight deadlines (24 hour deadline with a to-do list a mile long? No problem!)
  • Focus on problem-solving and identify new opportunities for taking initiative
  • Be a badass