Part-time position. May be required to work some weekends.

The Driver shall be responsible for the transportation of residents as scheduled. The Driver will also be responsible for the maintenance and daily checks on the bus and or vehicles used for transportation purposes.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist residents in entering and/or exiting vehicle or bus making sure residents are safely secured according to motor vehicle laws.
  • Assist residents by delivering packages or purchases obtained while out on shopping excursions, activities, etc.
  • Obey all state motor vehicle and driving laws at all time, ensuring the safe transportation of residents.
  • Feeds list/log of who goes on vehicles and carries Emergency Contact Sheet of all on board.

Vehicle Maintenance:

  • Maintain vehicle log of every vehicle use, recording date, time, distance and passengers.
  • Keep vehicle clean inside and out.
  • Regularly change the oil as required.
  • Keep the vehicles fueled on a regular basis.
  • Expedites any bills or expenditures to the Director immediately.
  • Obtain and or schedule inspection annually.
  • Recommends other repairs/maintenance as needed.
  • Fulfills vehicle check off list before each trip.

Other Service Areas:

  • Is courteous to residents at all times.
  • Carries on board extra water, keeps the First Aid Kit updated, fire extinguisher checked, and knows basic first aid in case of emergency.