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The Westside Atlanta Charter School teacher has a pioneering spirit, is a reform-minded individual, creative and committed to creating an exemplary learning environment to support the academic achievement of a diverse school population. The teacher is committed to the vision and mission of Westside Atlanta Charter School, its governing board, community, parents, colleagues, and students.

Champion the Core Values

  • Support and promote the vision, mission and core values of imagination, rigor, and service of Westside Atlanta Charter School.

  • Support and promote Westside Atlanta Charter School’s focus on literacy and language.

  • Embrace the school’s commitment to diversity and serve as an ambassador for families and the community, at large, that represent various ethnicities, races, income levels and backgrounds.

    Planning and Preparation

  • Demonstrate content knowledge and pedagogy including planning and developing student-centered instructional activities that result in authentic, real-world applications of knowledge.

  • Demonstrate skill in planning differentiated learning activities based on the diverse instructional needs of students and the Georgia Performance Standards.

  • Demonstrate skill in planning instructional units by using appropriate instructional resources including design thinking, textbooks, manipulative aids, models, instructional technology, online resources, and others.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to structure content by planning activities that progress from simple to complex and are connected in vertical and horizontal alignment.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to plan assessment activities before, during and after a lesson to determine whether students achieved the intended goals.

Classroom Environment

  • Establish a classroom built on respect and rapport between teacher and student and student to student. Quickly and quietly handle misconduct without disrupting the learning environment.

  • Establish a culture for learning by setting high expectations, modeling exemplary work, and encouraging students to take pride in their work.

  • Establish clear classroom procedures so instruction occurs during efficient and effective use of instructional time.

  • Manage student behavior by establishing clear rules of conduct for in-class and out-of-class activities, monitor student behavior, assure that students are engaged in activities they can do with minimal confusion.

Westside Atlanta Charter School – Third Grade Teacher Job Description

  • Organize physical space so students can perform the work assigned during whole group and small group assignments, and so that materials and supplies are readily accessible.


  • Communicate clear goals, objectives, and directions. Assure students know what to do and why they are doing it.

  • Use appropriate questions and discussion techniques. Use higher-order questions that require deep thinking and promote engagement.

  • Engage students in learning by providing rigorous activities, differentiated tasks, novel ideas, authentic, real-world applications, & opportunities to serve community needs. Activities should engage students in arriving at more than one solution.

  • Provide feedback that is specific to learning goals, encourages students to remain engaged, and corrective so students can correct mistakes. Use scaffolding when needed.

  • Demonstrate flexibility by using data collected during the lesson to adjust the lesson and/or plan an alternative instructional activity based on students’ responses.

    Professional Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate exemplary oral and written communications. Keep abreast of current research-based practices and use them to improve instructional effectiveness.

  • Form collegial relationships to plan and assess student-centered learning units and to assure vertical and cross-curricular alignment of instructional objectives.

  • Actively participate in all professional development activities.

  • Represent Westside Atlanta Charter School in a professional manner at all times.

  • Observe standardized testing protocols and maintain accurate records.

  • Communicate with families to build a strong home-school connection to enhance

    student learning.


  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree or higher

  • Holds current Teaching Certificate or evidence of training which leads to a certificate or

    classification of Highly Qualified

  • Efficient with technology

  • Ideal candidate has experience creating/implementing student-centered activities.

  • Ideal candidate has a Gifted and/or ESOL Certification.

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