Camp Bow Wow, North Atlanta’s Premiere Doggy Day & Overnight Camp is looking for a Management Candidate in our Duluth location:

We specialize in providing year-round care for “man’s best friend”. If you feel this environment would be “right up your alley”, we would be doggone excited to talk to you!

This position will either oversee or assist in overseeing day-to-day operations of the following:

  • Kennel Area

The ability to handle/manage different sizes/breeds of dogs while they socialize with other dogs in the play yards. (If large dogs intimidate you, this may not be the job for you).

  • Front Desk/Reception Area

We have a high-end clientele and they have an expectation of high-end customer service.

  • Employee (Counselor) Management including training and scheduling

This is not just “delegating” but “leading by example”. Do not expect anyone to do what you are not willing to do.

  • Database Management & Daily Financial Transactions

Predominately a web-based database, including excel and word.

  • Retail Operations

We retail items that are intrinsic to the dog(s) being in this environment. High-end food, treats, training aids…etc.

What is important to us:

  • Verifiable Management Experience. Ideally in a similar environment, but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for relativity. Honestly speaking, if you have not worked in this type of environment, it is not like any other.
  • The proven ability to manage people, not just the desire to do so. The ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, the ability to delegate, troubleshoot and problem solve as well as dealing with customer/client resolutions in a professional manner.
  • The ideal candidate will have some capacity for creativity as in “being on the lookout for better ways to do things” Best practices can always be improved upon.
  • Bear in mind that this is a 7-day a week/365-day a year operation and it is also a weekend driven, holiday driven business and seasonally speaking, we are busy during all normal travel periods. While you would not be expected to work EVERY weekend, expect to work during a majority of them.
  • You must must MUST have a love for dogs or this simply will not work. In the high season, we will constantly have 100+ dogs per day.
  • Please submit a resume and a brief summary as to why working in a dog environment would be an ideal fit for you.