Company Description

Stream began with a vision. Not one focused on bricks and mortar, but one with people at its foundation. It was that vision that our co-founders, Mike McVean and Lee Belland, set out to accomplish when they launched Stream Realty Partners (Stream) in 1996.

Over two decades later, Stream is a leading commercial real estate services organization working for owners, investors, occupants, and its own accounts. With an operational area covering some of the most active real estate markets coast to coast, we’ve grown from two co-founders in Dallas, Texas to 800 talented individuals in offices across the nation.

True to our original vision, we recognize that the key to our success lies in our people coupled with our unique approach to business. We think and act like owners because we are. Our successful history of developing, buying and selling real estate across all product types allows us to leverage our experience and apply our ownership mentality to our full-service platform.

Company Core Values:
Nice, honest, smart, and passionate.

Team Description (Culture):
Stream Atlanta’s industrial services platform grew from 3.2 MM SF in 2016, to 50 MM SF in 2020. The Atlanta Industrial team is efficient, fun, creative, aggressive, and highly motivated to out-think and out-work its competitors. Our team always does what is right and refuses to cut corners. We were born to solve problems, identify opportunities, work hard, and make money.

Job Description

Title to be established based upon Stream’s evaluation of a candidate’s tenure, experience, and proven track record.

  • Vice President

  • Senior Associate

  • Associate

The Industrial Submarket Specialist will source industrial real estate commission revenue within a defined territory of the Atlanta MSA that meets (or exceeds) specifically defined, mutually agreed, realistic outcomes.

  • Note: Candidate will specialize in one territory. Candidate can compete and transact in any territory. Stream provides all team members with exceptional flexibility and autonomy. Territories will serve as “guidelines.”

Example Outcomes:
(*Note: Outcomes will be appropriately adjusted up/down based upon tenure, CRE exposure, submarket selection, and experience.)

Year 1:
Source $200,000* in submarket commission revenue

Year 2:
Source $350,000* in submarket commission revenue

Year 3+:
Grow submarket commission revenue at 15-25% annually

Future Outcome:
Submarket specialist will source meaningful principal opportunities for our clients/capital partners (meaningful: $20MM+ in total capitalization). Submarket specialist will hire top talent to support and grow their submarket team’s revenue.

Job Description:
This role provides candidates the opportunity to develop and run a business line in the Atlanta MSA with maximum autonomy and substantial mentoring. Stream will invest heavily in the candidates’ training and mentorship. Initially, the role will focus on (i) learning the intricacies of a selected territory and (ii) sourcing/closing lease and sale transactions (tenant and landlord). Successful candidates will utilize knowledge of their submarket’s demand dynamics to deploy capital on employee sourced industrial acquisitions and developments. Employees that source acquisitions and developments will receive equity in the GP entity further defined in the compensation section.


Stream is pursuing candidates with 1.5+ years of experience:

  • (i) embody the competencies defined below
  • (ii) have a clear track record of achieving measurable goals. *Competencies and track records will be verified via extensive reference checks.


  • Goal-Oriented: Establishes short and long term measurable goals. Demonstrates a track record of meeting and exceeding said goals via planning and execution. Without any oversight, and communicates regularly before the due date regardless if the goal is achieved in a timely fashion.

  • Action Bias:
    Demonstrates an ability to make decisions quickly and act upon them.

  • Efficiency:
    Produces significant output with minimal effort.

  • Honesty and Integrity:
    Earns trust and maintains confidence. No matter how insignificant. “I will call you tomorrow” is a promise in high performers’ minds.

  • Planning:
    Prioritizes and plans in a productive manner. Candidate executes set plans.

  • Persistence:
    Demonstrates tenacity and willingness even in difficult circumstances. Doesn’t take “no” as an acceptable answer.

  • Intelligence:
    Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.

  • Enthusiasm:
    Is optimistic and enjoys their work.

  • High Standards:
    Strives for excellence in all facets of their life.

  • Coach-ability:
    Actively seeks out, metabolizes, and acts on constructive feedback from leaders and peers.

  • Analytical: Able to gather and synthesize market statistics in a meaningful way.

Additional Information


Competitive starting salary that will transition to commission compensation at the appropriate time.

Industrial Submarket Specialist
will receive 50% of their employee-sourced commission revenue. The submarket specialist will receive 30% of any commission sourced by Stream and closed by the employee. Additionally, candidates will receive 20% of the GP equity promote for any development or acquisition sourced by the employee.

***Note: After 5 years, top producers will net above $1.2 MM annually. Exceptional producers earn more than $2.0 MM annually. A chart summarizing average compensation of employees at Stream (organized by title) will be made available upon request.