General Description: The Lineman is required to know how to build and maintain an electric distribution system. The Lineman will know how to set up a Safe Work Zone set-up upon arrival at the job site and know other Safety Systems associated with electric line work. Lineman, like all employees, will be responsible to spot all utilities when necessary by digging them up so that they can be verified, and safely dig adequate pits, approximately 4 1/2 feet deep, and trenches to be worked in. The lineman is responsible to know and perform work in accordance with Customers Standards. In conjunction with other members of the crew, the Lineman will prepare materials to be installed, handle wire to be installed and other materials needed for the job. As with all crewmembers, a Lineman will maintain housekeeping and do general clean up. When the work is complete, the Lineman will assist in correctly backfilling pits and holes, know how to safely do stub-ups and tie-ins, as well as lay sod, and do site restoration. The lineman is responsible for the final completion of the electrical system, which includes all proper tagging and locking of equipment. When necessary the lineman will complete administrative paperwork. (Daily, Mapping, System Reports).


  • Follow safety rules and practices (Wearing PPE, Set-up Work Zone, Proper Digging Techniques)
  • Dig pits and trenches as necessary to complete the work.
  • Know the tooling for line work and how to use, adjust and calibrate them.
  • Safely spot utilities in the bore path.
  • Know what safety equipment is used in line work and how to test and examine it before use.
  • Know proper handling, storage and transporting of conduits, wire, pipe and materials.
  • Know proper methods of safely splicing conduits and stubbing up pipe and wire in to enclosures.
  • Know Lockout I Tag-out and tagging procedures.
  • Know how to read and understand a print for the system(s) they are working on.
  • Site clean-up.
  • Understand the terminology use in line work.
  • Know electric safety and how electricity works. (Static, AC, DC, Grounding, Phases, Step potential)
  • Restoration and landscape disturbed areas of the job site.
  • Know how an electric system works. Radial feed, Loop Feed, phasing, express, from Generation to meter.
  • Know and understand the operation of support equipment; digging equipment, vac-units, reel trailers, etc.
  • Know Transformer safety and the parts of a Transformer.
  • Know and understand the different types of electrical equipment used on a system. (Hand hole, pedestal, pull through cabinet. Switch Gear).
  • Know proper cable pulling procedures.
  • Understand and demonstrate the proper methods for determining if a line is energized or not.
  • Know the proper materials used for making terminations and proper crimping standards.
  • Know and demonstrate the proper methods and standards for making Secondary Terminations.
  • Know and demonstrate the proper methods and standards for building and elbow.
  • Know and demonstrate the proper methods and standards for making a splice on Secondary cables.
  • Know and demonstrate the proper methods and standards for making a splice on a Primary cable.
  • Know how to phase cables
  • Know how to switch.
  • Know how to check rotation
  • Know how to build and change out a Transformer
  • Know how to work around and lock out PMH Cabinets/ Switch Gear.
  • Know proper terminations on large cables to million.
  • Know how to build a dip.
  • Know how to work with a bucket truck.


  • Ability to do the essential Duties
  • Ability to understand and follow English instructions.
  • Ability to read Safety Rules
  • Overtime work required.
  • Must be willing to travel.
  • Have a valid Driver License.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of; Job site Safety Systems, Safe Excavation and Digging Techniques Electrical Safety.


  • The ability to lift 75 lbs.
  • The ability to transfer 130 lbs. a distance of 12 feet with the help of another person.
  • The ability to work outdoors in a diverse environments.
  • The ability to ascend and descend ladders and other elevating structures.
  • Must be able to work from heights from an elevated aerial device.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $25.00 – $39.00 per hour


  • Atlanta, GA (Required)


  • CDL (Required)

Work Location:

  • Multiple locations

Work Remotely: