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The Logistics Team Member (LTM) is primarily responsible for local infrastructure placement & event logistics execution. The LTM is responsible for management of all Red Bull branded & non-branded infrastructure: specializing in warehouse management of infrastructure & materials on & off site. In addition, the LTM supports the Consumer Collecting Specialist (CCS), Brand Marketing Manager (BMM), & On Premise Specialists (Musketeers) in the execution of specific Red Bull branded & non branded event projects, specifically placing, organizing, & cleaning all materials per event. The LTM is a key part of all local market executions and maintains the utmost professionalism in every instance they are representing the Red Bull brand.


LTM manages placement & organization of all infrastructure materials in Red Bull warehouse space. Warehouse materials can be easily located by non-LTM staff members (CCS, BMM, Musketeer, etc)

Warehouse is always swept, organized, cleaned to maintain premium standard

Infrastructure materials in warehouse space are always maintained; clean, organized, repaired. All repairs needed are upleveled to the Regional Event Logistics Coordinator (RELC) and scheduled & coordinated by LTM & RELC.


LTM is responsible for all infrastructure & cooler delivery and placement. Loading & transport completed by LTM.

LTM works with contact (provided by CCS, BMM, Musketeer, etc) to place & set up any & all materials

LTM maintains premium & professional standard through all deliveries, LTM maintains standard of punctuality & professionalism for every task


that matter most for this role:

  • Prior work experience in event logistics or manual labor
  • Must be customer service oriented
  • Must demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Position is physically intensive and requires frequent bending and lifting and the ability to lift 50lbs
  • Must be well organized and be able to execute deliverables on time
  • Flexible schedule needed within fast-paced working environment
  • A valid driver’s license that is not expired, suspended, revoked and a clean motor vehicle record (does not indicate a conviction for DUI/DWI or comparable offense, manslaughter with a motor vehicle or leaving the scene of an accident, and no more than two accidents or moving violations in the last 36 months)
  • Experience driving box trucks/trailers/forklift a plus
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Fluent in English


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