10 HOURS PER WEEK – no set hours. You make your own schedule!

$13 per hr.

At A-Maid-Zing cleaners, we offer cleaning services and a whole lot more. Have you been wanting to improve your work/life balance? At your last job, did you actually feel like you mattered to the corporation or were you just an employee? If you are motivated and driven, you may be just the person for the job.

We are searching for a dedicated and motivated Social Media Coordinator who is available on a part time basis.

Responsible for creating and posting content for 2 businesses (Amaidzing Cleaners & Ment2Mentor) on 2 social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook).

Responsible for scheduling posts in advance using various social media programs such as Canva, Over, Ripl, Later, etc.

Responsible for posting 4 stories per day, 7 days per week to each business and 4 feeds per day, 7 days per week to each business. Feeds to be scheduled at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.

Manage Facebook and Instagram by ensuring posts are transferring from Instagram to Facebook, responding to messages via DM, running campaigns, increasing followers, liking other similar pages, etc.

Using Mailchimp to schedule bi weekly blogs and monthly newsletters for Ment2Mentor (content will be provided).

Responsible for creating templates for monthly newsletters via Mailchimp.

Responsible for posting bi weekly blogs to Ment2Mentor website using WordPress. (Content will be provided)

Responsible for running ads as requested for either business.

Responsible for pulling reports to identify best time to post, trends, audiences, etc.

Recipe for Success:
Advanced experience with social media – 4 years exp. preferred.

High School Diploma or higher

Experience using Mailchimp & WordPress

Extreme attention to detail

Self directed and creative

Experience with social media design and template creation

Experience finding creative content and photos.

Experience with scheduling posts and creating themes on Instagram

Experience creating social media video

**You must go to Ment2Mentor and Amaidzing Cleaners Instagram page and state if you are able to continue with the content that has already been created**

You will be required to submit samples duplicating the posts and stories to proceed with an interview.