Full Job Description

Job Title: Public HealthAnalyst I – IOM Projects

Job Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Category: Public Health

Rumph and Associates, P.C. is seeking Public Health Analyst I for IOM projects.


Perform the necessary tasks associated with these activities that will provide a team comprised of experts across a multitude of disciplines:

  • Develop internal National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities (NCBDDD) Capacity. NCBDDD needs to assess and periodically reassess its organizational capacity to manage its programs. This includes reviewing organizational structures, the level of operational support required, and administrative systems needed to effectively manage program resources.
  • Provides technical assistance to its public health partners to help them develop and manage programs of national and global significance. Such assistance includes developing program plans, developing organizational capacity, establishing programmatic and administrative data systems, analysis of data, and training.
  • Organize and manage processes to seek advice and consultation from a wide variety of domestic and international entities and individuals. This involves providing advice to the Project Officer on the identification of consultants; setting up and managing meetings; arranging travel and lodging, and processing reimbursement for non-Federal participants; preparing summaries of meetings; and, on occasion, establishing internet-based communications systems to permit rapid sharing of information.
  • Provide technical assistance to recipients of NCBDDD’s funds to help them improve administrative systems and programmatic activities. This may include help in strategic and operational planning, developing organizational capacity, strengthening programmatic and administrative data systems, analysis of data, and training of employees.
  • Technical and analytical support to public and private nonprofit and for-profit organizations, governments and their agencies, universities, colleges, research institutions, hospitals, State and local governments or their bona fide agents, and faith-based organizations to advance the domestic and international goals and objectives of a particular CDC organizational unit.
  • Advice and assistance in web page design and maintenance.
  • Advice and assistance in conducting and administering advisory committee activities, for example, the Board of Scientific Counselors, OMB, etc.
  • Advice and assistance in the management of document security issues unique to several CDC programs whose responsibilities involve them in the receipt and issuance of sensitive material.
  • Advice and assistance of the preparation, updating, and maintaining of data relating to the procurement, maintenance, and disposition of material managed by a particular CDC program, and
  • Advice and assistance on the transportation and materials management aspects of CDC program operations.
  • Provide assistance with CDC’s on-going emergency preparedness and response efforts which include, but not limited to serving at the CDC’s Emergency Operations Center, developing health education and promotion communications material, and/or providing administrative and logistical support. The support shall be in line with the Statement of Work requirements.


Provide data management and program analyst support services to the IOMRPB.

  • Analyze, develop, and maintain programmatic, administrative, and technical procedures.
  • Analyze, develop, and maintain policies and procedures to evaluate Fetal Alcohol Syndrome data systems.
  • Interpret the results of quantitative and qualitative analysis to advise management on the effectiveness of the programmatic and administrative operations and other issues.
  • Conceptualize, prepare and evaluate relevant portions of the strategic plan; review and edit reports, presentations, and papers for publication in scientific journals.
  • Provide senior management level programmatic and administrative support including policy, press responses, and special projects.


Master’s Degree in a health or scientific research related field with a focus on public health, epidemiology, or nursing preferred.

Minimum of 5 years in public health, epidemiology or nursing; project management experience preferred.